A Knight’s Story: Der Ritterhof Inn in Leavenworth WA

This 51-unit Leavenworth hotel spread out on 2.5 acres is privately owned and operated. The hotel is located just 2 blocks from the Bavarian village center. Translated from German, “Der Ritterhof” literally means “The Knight House,” which makes our 25-foot-tall Knight the perfect symbol for our charming Bavarian-style hotel!

“The Big Guy,” as the long term hotel owner late Fred McClaskey use to affectionately calls him, is about 20 years old and made from galvanized steel and old car parts. He dutifully stands guard over our guests each night, adding to the character of our independent hotel and ensuring your experience is unforgettable in the best of ways. He gets a summer bath about every three years, which is an extra bonus for curious guests! This shining Leavenworth, WA, landmark is pretty hard to miss, even from the highway, and his impressive presence has even earned him his own hashtag at #DerRitterhof.

Visit us today to see him up close and personal, and experience the Der Ritterhof Inn for yourself: Book online today or contact us to ask about our group/family reunion rate deals!

We’ll see you in Leavenworth!



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